All donations to LWP are gratefully received – your money will go towards helping Lambeth Women’s Project:

  • raise money towards the costs of campaigning against eviction – including legal advice and representation
  • pay for an accountant (to submit the accounts needed to renew LWP’s Charity status)
  • continue doing its important work

You can donate in two ways:

1. Through PayPal by card or PayPal account

2. Online transfer

You can donate money directly to the LWP account using the following details:

Account Name: Lambeth Young Women’s Project

Account number: 17458722

Sort Code: 600336

Materials, time and expertise are also welcome – including media skills and contacts, fundraising, legal advice, access to printing and photocopying, boxes and packing materials, transport, storage, banner making, and even bringing along food and drinks to share at the public meetings.

Email or come along to the demos/public meeting


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