About LWP

Lambeth Women’s Project, 166a Stockwell Road, London, SW9 9TQ
Lambeth Women’s Project (LWP) is a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation that provides a women-run space dedicated to women’s services. We recognise the specific needs of women and provide resources to help, support and empower women.
Located in 166a Stockwell Road since 1979, LWP has been providing specialist services to women in south London for the past three decades. As the only women-only space in the local area it has been nothing short of a lifeline for many women. Since 1997, when Lambeth Council withdrew financial support for the project’s salaried youth workers, LWP has been sustained by commissions for specific service provisions and large numbers of volunteers who have given their time and energies because they care.
Some of the women’s groups associated with LWP over the years include: Muslim Sisters Jammat, Lambeth Womens Aid, Lambeth Childminders, Black Deaf Sistahs Group, The Eritrean Womens Group, Hi Tea, Lambeth Young Women’s Service, Girls Rock! UK, Remembering Olive Morris Collective, Feminist Activist Forum, Women Asylum Seekers Together, Urban Inclusion, Lambeth Archive, The Feminist Library.
LWP opposes racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and classism and supports asylum seekers, travellers, those that are differently abled, or those that suffer discrimination because of their age, looks, religion or HIV status.
LWP is run by women and functions as an umbrella organisation that supports and enables a large number of diverse and often unique groups. Our borough and city are home to many different communities and we strive to provide services for as many, often very vulnerable, women as possible.
LWP supports life-long learning, the importance of skill-sharing and the need to emphasise the value of the cultural riches already held by our user groups. We also recognise the need for and provide an awareness of powerful role-models that young women do not see elsewhere.
Our building at 166a Stockwell Road is a safe and clean space that has 4 rooms to run group events, classes, discussions and more in a supportive and non-judgemental environment. The ground floor has full disabled access.

4 thoughts on “About LWP

  1. Hi, your project looks like a vital resource. The idea of everyone giving £5 is a nice one but in reality I wonder if it is better to aim for some larger (more targeted) donations from fewer people alongside some lower level donations. Can I ask what your funding strategy is and how you have been funded to date? I’ve worked for charities for many years (most recently as a development and fundraising director), raising funding etc and so am asking to get a sense of how you can best continue.

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