Townhall Protest Tonight – Wed 20th June, 6:30pm

Tonight at 6:30pm we will be protesting outside Lambeth Town Hall (Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW – opposite Windrush Square). The local cabinet is meeting at 7pm and Lambeth Women’s Project will be joining other local groups to protest against cuts. We hope to have a strong LWP presence, to make sure cabinet members are aware of what is going on and urged to take action.

On Monday Stockwell Primary School LOCKED women into the building and were eventually made to hand over a key and open up the gates by the police. Is this how we want our schools run and local women treated?

Please come if you can – and bring a pot to bang! (if you haven’t been along to one of our protests before, check out video and photos of potbanging)

Pot banging. Photo by Ochi Reyes

For the latest updates about the protest tonight, keep an eye on the Facebook event and Twitter.

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