Photos: report on today’s lock-in from inside LWP building

Thanks to photographer Kay Tabernacle, here’s a photo report of today’s SOS, where 5 women were locked in the premises by Stockwell Primary School. Please credit the photographer when reposting images.

LWP members find themselves locked out of LWP this morning- new lock added to gate by School

Five women  who were inside the building are also locked in. No one is allowed to enter or leave the premises. Stockwell Primary School threaten to cut off power. Brixton Blog reports witnessing one woman scale a 7ft iron fence to get out of the building.

A crowd of LWP supporters gather peacefully outside the building. Stockwell Primary School call the police

LWP members show police the agreement that Lambeth Women’s Project have legal access to the building through the front entrance (the school only has legal access through the side entrance).

Police inform LWP there is no basis for them to be involved, i.e. to evict

Police enter through gate

Gate open! The police make Stockwell Primary School hand over keys to the gate and front entrance to LWP.

As one LWP facebook message said earlier:

Stockwell Primary School – have locked us in – no way in, no way out and have just told us they will be cutting the power!!!!!

This is unlawful!

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