Stockwell Primary School made it hard for visitors to access LWP building, even before eviction threat

Restriction of access to Lambeth Women’s Project (LWP) by Stockwell Primary School (SPS).

Prior to issuing LWP with the letter threatening eviction* on the evening of Thursday 31st May 2012 SPS had already begun making it difficult for visitors to LWP to gain access to, or even find, the building.

The 166a number sign has been removed making it difficult to identify the building from the street.

  1. The LWP signs were taken down during refurbishment and although much discussion has taken place SPS have yet to put them back up or arrange new signage they are happy with.
  2. All temporary signs, e.g. LWP logo and name on piece of paper in the window of building, have been repeatedly removed.
  3. The lease agreement between LWP and SPS outlines that SPS will mostly enter 166a using the side door which now leads out onto the school yard. LWP will have access via the front door. A new lock was added to the front door in May by SPS who have not given a key to LWP who are now effectively locked out and have to request access.
  4. On Tuesday 12th June 2012 SPS changed the code to the keypad entry on the yard door without informing LWP who are now unable to use either door without first informing the school.

*note that the letter is not an official eviction order and the lease agreement has not been formally terminated and has 3 full years left on it.

Statements from LWP service users visiting the building on Wednesday 13th June 2012.

Venus Bill, age 10.

I was trying to get to the Lambeth Women’s Project and can no longer go through the main entrance, instead I have to go through a school next door and the receptionist was no help at all. When we asked her for directions she answers with a vague ‘go through the playground’, I of course had no idea how to get to the playground so got lost for a full ten minutes and spend five minutes getting back. By then I had spent a full 15 minutes to get through the school but had got no further. When we eventually navigated our way through the school we found we could have gone through a side gate that led directly to the door to Lambeth Women’s Project. It is overly hard to get in and is an inconvenience to me, all those who visit and especially those who work there. I WANT TO CHANGE IT.

Charlotte Bill, Venus’mother.

4pm. I arrived at LWP for a meeting with Ego Ahaiwe. Rang bell on gate, advised to go to school main entrance. Receptionist got us to sign in and said “go through there”. We went through the door, through another door into a corridor, ended up in a builders’ tea room and next to lots of classrooms. Returned to reception. Asked receptionist for clearer directions. Another member of staff asked when we would be finished, I said it depended on when we got started, seeing as it had taken 20 minutes so far. Reception shuts at 6pm. Finally escorted across hall into playground. Found building eventually.

2 thoughts on “Stockwell Primary School made it hard for visitors to access LWP building, even before eviction threat

  1. Thanks for hosting the jo spence party I was not able to attend sorry
    I am appalled to read of the attempts to harass you
    if you have a valid lease you are entited to change back the locks so you can continute to enjoy your rights under the lease
    get legal advice about this
    meanwhile I am passing on details of your situation to boris johnsons office
    best terry dennett jo spence archive

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