Messages of support

Many of you are passionate about the unique space, services and opportunities that LWP offers, and are angry about the impact on women’s spaces and services from the ongoing, and no less than brutal, cuts to the public sector.

As Audre Lorde said, “There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” The fight to save LWP is part of a bigger fight: for recognition, support, community, safe spaces, nourishment, history, and survival. We need to win.

Below are some statements of support for LWP from the online petition. Help us reach our target of 1,000 signatures. Add yours now!

Statements of Support

“As society allows the deliberate and systematic erosion of institutions and organisations such as Lambeth’s Women’s Project (LWP) via the deliberate lack /withdrawal of funding, so women in society will see the corrosion of the equalities, so hard fought for, lost; possibly forever. Women have all too easily forgotten, as a minority of women in positions of authority are paraded as examples of ‘women having made it’, just how little we had in the past and that women still have so very little… that women still make up the majority of low income earners and those living in poverty: making organisations such as LWP as important today as they were back in 1979. I will not allow this to happen without a fight. And, so I add my name to the petition.”

“At a time when the government’s aim is to create cohesive communities, it seems wrong to cut funding and support for this vital community project.”

“another women’s project to the slaughter i cannot express the disgust in my belly upon hearing that yet another valuable space within the community is under such strain! keep the lambeth women’s project open and you will keep an integral part of all that is good and right alive.”

“Do not shut the project down, such an action is incredibly short sighted. For reasons which are numerous and obvious women of all cultures need a space where they can meet, feel safe, and be supported and the Lambeth project has provided just that.”

“This is extremely shortsighted of Lambeth. Instead of undermining such a centre, they should be seeing it as a feather in the Borough’s cap. That such as place has survived and continues to inspire and support hundreds of women with only the dedication of volunteers should be read by Lambeth as an incredible resource that has proven its worth.”

“i have benefitted from using the lambeth women’s project and feel that our communities need more spaces like this not less.”

“LWP is a good place to be. All the women there offer great support and advice, helping eachother whenever needed. It’s the perfect place to go when you need space or someone to talk to.Plus without funding this place has done quite well to provide some excellent and varied facilities. Closing it down would be a huge loss.”

“the lambeth women project is vital. we need to make it more stronger – do not erase the work established.”

“In short, i’ll just like to say this facility is a lifeline for both individuals and young people who live in the lambeth area. I have had the opportunity to facilitate workshops for young people and use the space periodically, and would be at a loss if the building was no longer. Please please please take into consideration how important this building is to the people of Lambeth and help us to fulfill the potentials of the young people within the community.”

“I’ve lived in south London all my life and am aware of the work that LWP has done in the area, contributing to women and young women’s development. I support their campaign wholeheartedly.”

“We live in a world that celebrates the male hero. LWP is the hero organisation for all women. Let it live and continue to celebrate equality, education and the confidence it enables all women to realise. It is already a centre of education. Who has the right to take that away after 30 years. Education for all….not just a selected few..”

“Lambeth Womens projects is one of the few spaces I have ever seen that supports young women and particularly BME women. The councils decision will be a reflection of how commited they are to forwarding feminist and anti-racist policies.”

“This safe space and historical project in equality MUST remain.”

“I believe it is important to preserve women-only services which are few and far between. It is an important aspect of ensuring equity. This service has been running for 30 years and should be celebrated.”

“These projects are fundememtal and needed. Stop cutting funding because we will all feel the effects in the future!”

“I originally came into contact with LYWP now LWP when i became treasuruer and sat on the management committee for the project. i held this post for 13 years. i left the project jsut before Anne and Loz the 2 salaried youth workers lost their funding. i can not beleive the building is just being given away with the loss of the project completlly hope a solution is found to keep such a diverse project alive best regards Lou”

“They cannot close the women centre in lambeth. There are many vunerable women who use this place from all around. They need this kind of place in every borough. I guarantee that there will be a cut in crime if this kind of suppport could be in every borough.”

“Services such as these are essential to women. When you need help, they are here. The cut of valuable funding is a disgrace and puts vulnerable women at greater risk.”

“Lambeth Council needs to seriously think about the message it would be sending about equality if it were to close the only space within its borough that is dedicated to women of all ages.”

“Denying women resources and spaces to think and speak is denying women the right to be themselves, the right to history, identity, future, life. Closure is a tragedy.”

“It is short-sighted and cruel of the council to think of closing this project which saves thousands of pounds every year by providing support and information to all women in Lambeth.”

“Utterly horrific and short sighted that the school and council are attempting to evict this essential service yet again.”

“Too many cuts of the vital things that keep people going despite the shite flying all around them.”

“Women’s Projects are vital spaces that need protecting. Please help to save this project.”

“I am truely shocked that Stockwell School have issued an eviction notice to Lambeth Women’s Project. Are they and Lambeth Council choosing to ignore the fact that we are witnessing a rise in the sexual exploitation, sexual pressuring, physical and emotional abuse of young women in Lambeth and across the country. Services for young women experiencing the above operate largely outside of the Council – the cut in Targeted Youth Support Workers in the last two years have meant that many young people, including vulnerable young women, now have no-one to turn to in times of crisis. LWP has been an invaluable source of support to young women in crisis, as well as offering a multitude of interesting, fun and creative activities. To Stockwell School: please re-think this very unfair decision. Your School has benefited from much professional and financial support through its difficult years, now that you’re highly achieving, spare a thought for others who also need help.”

“Lambeth love to say that they have no money yet their chief excutive , Derrick Anderson earn’t more than David Cameron. In one year he earn’t £250,000 plus a travelling allowance. They also employ consultants at £1000 a day while the housing stock in Lambeth fails every health and safety leglislation. In one year emails had to be signed of as “Lambeth council tackling Inequality Delivering Diversity”. Also there is over 96 million in it’s banking reserves which the Labour Council refused to release. Diversity indeed ; A greedy man’s sack is never full”

“Shame on you Lambeth Council. Don’t you recognise the importance of this service. Don’t all the years spent in struggling for and then supporting women’s services count for anything?”

“Services for the majority of people in the UK (i.e. women) are being eroded and mothballed as if they are somehow superfluous, niche and therefore unnecessary. Why aren’t more people, women and men, up in arms?”

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