Nightly Pots and Pans Protest

Angry about the looming eviction of Lambeth Women’s Project?

Angry about the systematic stripping of women’s services across the country?

Make some noise then!

Inspired by the Casseroles movement of pot banging protests in Montreal we propose a nightly meet up with our pots and pans. As we understand it the police need 6 days notice for any march so once that is approved we can stroll from Windrush Square to Lambeth Women’s Project on Stockwell Road each night. Until then we will meet either at Windrush Square or LWP or both.

Join us around 7pm. Bring pots and pans. Tell your friends. Updates on our facebook page

We will meet nightly from Sunday until the proposed eviction date of 15th June. First meet up will be in Windrush Square.

Watch the Montreal protesters here

If you can help make fliers, be a point of contact, write about this, help organise future protests, donate anything useful etc please be in touch with LWP via our FB page or

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